About the System

In Kerala, nearly 94 per cent of the holdings are small and marginal and for these populous small holdings integrated land use practices are becoming increasingly important. The farmers cultivate a multitude of crops along with cattle, poultry etc. in the holdings adjacent to their homes. The major crops like coconut, arecanut, cocoa, banana, pepper, nutmeg and vanilla are inflicted by insect pests, diseases and nutritional deficiencies/physiological disorders. Recently, there has been an escalation of these problems and several maladies once considered very minor have attained major proportions. The farmers find it difficult to distinguish/diagnose the symptoms and operate under the absence of expert recommendations. The imminent need was to develop a support system to effortlessly identify the symptoms and diagnose insect pest attack, diseases and nutritional deficiencies/physiological disorders in crops and adopt appropriate corrective measures. As the task is of a comprehensive nature, it demanded the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of scientists. With this backdrop the CROP HEALTH DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (CHDSS) was conceived and prepared.

This online version of this system has been developed to help the farming community to identify various pest, disease and other nutritional deficiencies of their crops through an interactive model and  take suitable control measures on time. Quality images and videos have been included to provide more help for the farming community. 


KISSAN Kerala acknowledges the following scientists for their significant content contributions and enthusiasm for developing this Crop Health Decision Support System.  Content for this system has been prepared under the Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY) Project (Palakkad) , funded by Kerala State Planning Board. KISSAN acknowledges the support of Kerala State Planning Board for making this content online.  

Content Contributors (Credits)

Dr. Jacob John, Agronomist, Kerala Agricultural University
Dr. Joy M, Plant Pathologist, Kerala Agricultural University
Dr. Sreekumar KM, Entomologist, Kerala Agricultural University
Dr. Umamaheswaran, Plant Pathologist, Kerala Agricultural University
Dr. Roy Stephen, Plant Physiologist, Kerala Agricultural University

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