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KISSAN KERALA in its attempt to redefine the services provided to the farming community, has introduced a new feature to cater to the needs of the farmers to its full potential. The mobile-based agricultural information service is a giant leap of KISSAN towards becoming an epitome of complete Agri information systems. This new venture, which offers a plethora of services, could very well be positioned as a right tool for information dissemination that leverages on the modern technology. The information regarding various mobile-based services like SMS based information services, voice based Agri advisory services, and videos though the mobile etc and how to avail those services are explained in detail below.

Why Mobile based services

Mobile or smart phones is becoming an essential device for all types of users irrespective of the age group. In India mobile technology has unleashed a paradigm shift in the communication medium to reach out to the masses. As per statistics, Kerala is one of the states in the country where the mobile penetration is very high with a growth rate of 3.2%. To tap this vast potential medium, KISSAN has introduced several mobile based services via SMS (PUSH and PULL), voice and video based services to the farming community.

Advantages of Kissan Mobile Services

- Use long code based service.

- Only the normal SMS charge is applicable for all services. Also the farmers can access to this service   by using the free SMS package supplied by various service providers

- One Stop Solution to all Agri information needs

- Location specific information delivery

- Voice based services: solution for text SMS based language barrier

- Highly authentic and reliable database on Agriculture and allied sectors

- Cost effective

For Registering to Kissan Services

Step- 1. Send sms in the following format

KISSANREG <SPACE> Your Name to 9496113311
Example : KISSANREG <space> Sreekumar

Once you send the SMS to the above mentioned format, you will receive an acknowledgement message requesting you to confirm your registration process. 

Step- 2. Confirm your Registration

Once you receive your acknowledgement message to proceed with the registration process, you may please send YES reply message to confirm your registration. Once you confirm, your number will be registered to the KISSAN KERALA Mobile based agricultural information service.

Online Registration

You can also register through online registration mode.

Please click here to register online.


Information on the availability of planting materials 


Information on availability of quality planting material from recognized nurseries or authentic farms is a primary information requirement for the farmers. Using this service, the farmers can get information on the availability of various planting material with different varieties in their nearest farms/nurseries through their mobile. This will help the farmers to procure the quality planting materials from their nearest farm/nursery. Currently the database is available for all the major planting material produced directly under District level agricultural farmers, nurseries, Agricultural University, research stations etc. Currently the database covers more than 160 crops with different varieties across 14 districts.

Format for sending the sms Seed <space> District Code <space> Crop name to 9496113311

Example : Seed <space> TVM <space> Banana , 

Please click here to view the District Codes.

Message Output :Please Contact-Instructional Farm,Vellayani,Trivandrum,Ph-04712383573.Varieties available for Banana Nendran Suckers are:Chengalikodan;Banana Nursery,Peringamala,Trivandrum.Varieties available for Banana Table variety suckers are:Robusta,Poovan

SMS based Weather information  


This service is a novel concept which helps the farmers in exploring the intricate details of weather of a particular location. The farmer can avail the details like rainfall, max temperature, min temperature, total cloud coverage, max relative humidity, min relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction of any district on the given day. The farmers can also have the privilege of knowing the weather predictions in advance of three days which would help them in taking timely decisions. The database covers all the districts of Kerala. The database is updated on a daily basis from IMD.

Format for sending the sms WEATHER <space> District Code <space> Date (yyyy-mm-dd) to 9496113311

Example : WEATHER <space> TVM <space> 2010-07-30

Please click here to view the District Codes.

Message Output :


Max Temp-32 deg C

Min Temp-27 deg C

Cloud Coverage-8 Octa

Max Humidity-87%

Min Humidity-85%

Wind Speed-002Kmph

Wind Direction-70 deg

SMS based information on the availability of Livestock Farms


Information on availability of quality Livestock breeds from recognized and authentic source is a primary information requirement for the live stock farmers. Through this service farmers can explore the availability of various livestock and their different breeds across the state. Information on various livestock breeds produced at various district level departmental farms and its availability can be accessed by the farmers though their mobile.

Format for sending the sms

Livestock<space> District Code <space> Cattle name to 9496113311

Please click here to view the District Codes.

Example : Livestock <space>TVM<space> Cow

Message Output:  Please Contact-District Livestock Farm,Kodappanakunu,Trivandrum,
Ph-04712732962.Available breeds are Holstein Friesian,Brown Swiss,Jersey.

SOIL Information on mobile

A soil test result through mobile is a novel feature of KISSAN mobile-based information services. This will help the farmers in decision-making regarding the fertilizer to be used for each crop. Through this service, the farmers can easily procure the test results in the least possible time, which otherwise would have got delayed through the conventional means. Once the farmer submit the soil sample to the district level soil testing laboratory, after the analysis, the results along with fertilizer recommendations are made available online through KISSAN Online Fertilizer recommendation System (more details). The same soil test results will be available to the farmers through their mobile. The database is updated daily by all the district level soil testing laboratories directly and real-time updation of database is ensured.

This is the first such initiative in the country where such information is made available to farmers through mobile. Currently the database has more than 28000 farmers soil sample details from across the state.

Format for sending the sms Soil<space> Farmer Id to 9496113311

Example : Soil <space> 09-01-W1SY

Message Output :

Farmer Name : Madhavan Nair,

Soil Type : loamy sand

PH : 5.8

EC : 0.1

N : 0.67

P : 100

K : 166

Test Lab : DSTL, Parottukonam, Thiruvanathapuram

SMS based two-way query answering system(Ask our Experts through mobile) 


Using the mobile phone, farmers can posts their questions or queries to the KISSAN experts team and seek their advice on effective practices in agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries. An auto response message will be sent immediately to the concerned farmer to acknowledge that the query has been received. The experts/ agricultural scientists will answer to these queries at the best possible time and it will be delivered to the farmers through sms. Presently this service will be available only to the registered farmers. There will be only normal SMS charges to the farmers to use this service.

Format for sending the Queries/ Questions KISSANQN <space> Your question to 9496113311


Message Output : Pests on ladies finger plants can be controlled by 4% leaf extracts of neem / thevetia / clerodendron with soap water. Fruits can be protected from infestation by fruit borers by spraying 4% leaf extracts of thevetia / neem. Preparation of plant extract emulsion is as follows. Soak 400 g of leaf powder (leaves dried under shade and powdered) in one litre of water for 24 hours and filter though muslin cloth. Dissolve 400 g of ordinary bar soap shavings in 9 litres of water. Pour this soap solution to the plant extract and mix thoroughly. This forms 4% emulsion of plant extract.

SMS based scheme alert service 

Using this platform, the Department makes frequent alert to the farmers on time to time about various schemes, its features, implementation details, information on various events etc. This system has been perceived as an effective medium to disseminate the departmental information to a larger agricultural community.


SMS based intra Departmental information management system  


By using this facility, the Department has created various user groups among their officers based on their district, block and panchayath and also based on their functional designation. This is for the smooth and agile flow of official communication between the key players in the Department. This system has also provisions for the grass root level officers to send their official reports/communication  to the higher authorities.

SMS based information on Krishideepam Television Program  

Krishideepam, an agricultural teleserial which has become a household name in Kerala showcases the different aspects of farming and allied sectors like animal husbandry,fisheries and agri related areas.Through this service the farmers will get a gist of the major programs telecasted on a particular episode.They can also avail the address and contact no of the concerned person which will be helpful to the farmers to get in touch with them for getting more information.

Format for sending the sms Krishideepam <space> Episode No to 9496113311

Example : Krishideepam <space> 333

Message Output :

Telecasted on: 2010-05-14

Highlights: A documentary on different exotic breeds of pigeon grown in the terrace aviary of a city dweller at Ernakulam. Collection of more than twenty five exotic breeds and their rearing aspects. Contact:Antony Siju,Vaduthala,Kochi,9895164472,9744496558.

Access Agri Videos through your mobile 


KISSAN provides a golden opportunity for the farmers to access hundreds of high quality vidoes on agriculture and allied topics through your mobile. This service is being provided in collaboration with Google You Tube.KISSAN has launched a dedicated online video channel for Agriculture and hosted several hundreds of telecasted quality videos on Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Allied sectors. All these videos can be accessed via your mobile phone. Currently there are around 140 videos available on the channel.

How to access videos 

These videos can be accessed in the following way.


You need to connect to internet through your mobile to access these videos. Please check with your mobile service provider to access data on your mobile. If you have internet facility (through GPRS or data) please visit web based version on from your mobile. You can have access to all the Agri related videos of KISSAN Kerala.


You can access these videos through pre-installed YouTube application in your mobile. You can also download this application from Once you have download, you can access the kissankerala channel and view the videos.


Mobile voice based monthly crop management advise  

This unique service is a breakthrough to all the concerns of the farmers.Through this facility the farmers can have a comprehensive knowledge of the different crop activities to be pursued in each month. The farmers will get an automated voice call as output depicting the different operations for the concerned crop in the given month.This unparalleled service will easily get accepted as it unfolds a new feature which even surpasses the language barriers.There will be only normal SMS charges to the farmers to use this service.

Format for sending the sms Crop <space> Month name <space> Crop name to 9496113311

Example : Crop <space> MAY <space>Pepper  

Please click here to view the list of crops.


Kissan voice based information service

KISSAN provides voice messaging service that acts as automatic voice dialer which sends the recorded voice messages in the form of automatic phone calls to the farmers. This service is provided to all farmers irrespective of telecom network.This service is highly recommended and accepted since it alleviates the language barriers of visual communication and also adds a personal touch to the communication. Presently this service will be available only to the registered farmers. This service can be availed at free of cost by all the registered farmers.Please note that this service will be available to those numbers which are registered under DND.

There are several new voice based services which will be made available to the farmers soon. Monthly crop advisory, pest and disease information on various crops, weather forecast, departmental schemes and announcements etc are provided through this platform.

Listen to sample KISSAN Voice Call 
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