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Karshaka Information Systems Services And Networking (KISSAN) is an integrated, multi-modal delivery of agricultural information system, which provides several dynamic and useful information and advisory services for the farming community across Kerala. It is one of the leading citizen centric e-governance projects of the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala. The project was conceived, developed and managed by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala for the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala.

The basic objective of this project is to provide "Right Information to the Right Person(s) at the Right Time in the Right Place(s) and in the Right Context" dynamically using a combination of advanced technology like Web Technology, Television based mass media programs, Telephone based advisory, Mobile SMS based advisory and broadcast service, dedicated online Agri video channel provides video on demand service etc, which, involves effective collaboration of experts from key organizations for effective information delivery and knowledge empowerment on demand seamlessly to all farmers across Kerala.

The key feature of KISSAN is the integrated service delivery model that makes available to the experts from any agriculture related organization any mix or all of the above modes of communications to reach timely and effective assistance to farmers anywhere in the state.

The project solves the problem of content gaps by providing the authentic agricultural information though various delivery methods like Television, Internet, Telephone, and Mobile etc. The farmers can choose any medium to seek the relevant information.

Origin of the project

The Government of Kerala had appointed a "High Level Committe on IT and BT in Agriculture" under the chairmanship of Prof. V.L Chopra (President National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Former Director General, ICAR) to explore the possibilities of Information Technology and Biotechnology for the enhancement of Agriculture in Kerala. Based on the detailed study and importance the committee recommended two major projects each in IT and BT.  The project was conceived by Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala for the Department of Agriculture. The Project was officially launched on 1st November 2003 (Kerala day).

Uniqueness of the Project

 The project is unique in many ways.

  • This is the only project has integrated and multi-modal delivery of information services for the farming community and an effective citizen centric e-governance project in the state.
  • The entire KISSAN Kerala project is managed by the team of professionals from Agriculture, IT and Agri Journalism.  
  • Krishideepam is the first television program directly produced and telecast by a State Agricultural Department as part of its strengthening  agricultural extension, and well received by the farming community across the state.
  • The integrated model of the project ensures the speedy aggregation of relevant information from various sources, and disseminate through cross media platforms.  
  • The project is supported with an agri-data center with fully professional management to cater various information requirements of the farming community in Kerala

Major Services and Deliverables of the project

The core deliverables and achievements of the project is an integrated multi-component, multi-modal delivery of Agriculture Information Services system that is accessible anywhere anytime by all concerned. The major services of the project are

  • Online dynamic agri advisory service: The dynamic portal based online Advisory services ( is a major hit of the project. The portal provides an online platform for the farmers to interact with the expert’s scientists and agricultural extension officers in an interactive way. The portal also provides several dynamic advisory services like market information, weather and crop advisory, expert system on fertilizer recommendation and so on. Through the online query management system, the experts in the project have answered more than 15 000 queries of the farmers.  Through the online fertilizer recommendation system, the farmers have generated more than 12000 fertilizer recommendations (in local language) for their preferred crops.

  • Kissan Krishideepam: A weekly Agriculture Television program - in Malayalam,that provides selective information dissemination of best practices, success stories, departmental news, news on various schemes, market analysis, cultivation methods, analysis of current issues, etc. Care has been taken to ensure that KISSAN Krishideepam is authentic and totally produced in-house by agricultural and media experts.  The project produce and telecast a weekly television program (30 minutes duration) and telecast three times over the leading satellite channel (Asianet) in Kerala. The program now reaches to more than 25 lakhs regular viewers across the state and beyond.  The project has completed the production and telecast of 294 unbroken weekly episodes during the last 5.5 years.


  • Online Agri video Channel: The project has launched the country’s first online video channel in Agriculture. More than 100 selected videos (telecast quality) were made available through the channel. This becomes a single window access to all the agriculture and allied topics for continuous learning for the farmers at free of cost. (

  • Tele-Advisory Services: The project also provides telephone based Agri advisory services through a dedicated telephone number (0471-2700965) for the farmers. The farmers can ask any questions to the agricultural scientists and seek expert advice for their crops. As part of this service, the project has developed an extensive crop database across the state to provide location specific advisory services.


  • The SMS based agri advisory services,enable the farmers to get the information on very fast and it helps to provide location specific information and alert services

Project partners

Various Organisations and Department collaboring the projects are

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala(IIITM-K)
  • Kerala Agriculture University
  • Department of Animal Husbandry
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Other Research Institutions

The Team

KISSAN is developed and maintained by a team of experts from Information Technology, Agriculture, Research Scientists, and Visual Media etc. The technology support is provided by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala (IIITM-K). Click here to see more about the team.

Major Awards and Recognitions

  • PC QUEST BEST IT IMPLEMENTATION OF THE YEAR 2007 for KISSAN Kerala under "Mighty Challengers" Award category in Govt Sector
  •  Krishideepam highlighted under the major program category of Asianet

KISSAN Kerala Operations Centre, IIITM-K, NILA, Techno park Campus, Thiruvananthapuram

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